Invest like a Professional

Build and manage your portfolio using the same exclusive funds and investment tools that advisors use for their clients.

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Exclusive Access.

Manage your investments using methods reserved for advisors, like turn key asset management programs (TAMPs) and access to private funds, made possible by the support of our team of real, experienced investment managers.

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Personalized Options.

Tailor any of our model portfolios to be your optimal investment vehicle, and keep your money exactly where you want it. Our TAMPs work within those parameters to keep your investments growing around the clock.

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Look at this cool data we found that says something about investing intelligently.

No nonsense, just data.

Volumes of performance measurements and historical data on all of your options, available on the same platform as your accounts.

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Seamless connectivity.

Track and manage your accounts across all your devices, iOS or Android, no matter where you are.

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Serious about Security

You can rest easy knowing your information is encrypted as soon as it is entered into your account, and no data is stored on your device after you log out. We have your back.

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At your service.

You can take advantage of our experts' advice as much or as little as you'd like, and customer service representatives are available around the clock to answer questions.

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No Contracts,
No Punishments.

Your money is yours. We never apply any long term contracts and never charge fees for moving money or leaving our service.

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One flat fee. Really.

Choose your level of membership and how many accounts you would like to open, and pay one price for the year. We never take any percentage of assets under management, no matter how much you invest.

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Be as invested as you want to be.

With three exclusive levels of membership, you decide how you want to invest and what you want to pay.



Your portfolio at your fingertips, including...

- Access to model folios
- Turn Key Asset Management Platform
- Roboinvesting

Model folios include DFA and Wisdomtree
Legacy Models



All Level 1 Privileges plus...

- Direct access to private funds available exclusively via our sponsorship platform
- 1-hour private consultation with one of our qualified financial advisors
- Options for additional consulting



All Level 1 and 2 privileges plus...

- 3-hours of private consulting and advising as needed
- Multiple accounts included
- Exclusive client offers