Portfolio Exchange
is all about bringing
institutional investing to
the individual investor.

The Fundamentals:
The details of our program and
how to get started.
The Models:
The foundation of our
investment platform.
Our Team:
The financial advisors who are
changing the way we invest.

The Ideal Strategy for a Variety of Investors

  • Seasoned Investor
  • Progressive Investor
  • Luxury Investor
You're a confident investor
looking for independence
and personalized options.

See your complete financial picture
With the ability to directly manage accounts over multiple custodians
and aggregate held-aways all on one platorm, our members always
have a 360° view of their assets.

Select a curated portfolio or create your own
Choose from a myriad of model portfolios created by leading investment
experts. Still can't find one that's just right for you? Customize any model by
setting your own asset class weights or create your own from scratch.

Unlimited Email Service
Need answers and advice? Send us an email and a real financial advisor
will respond to your inquiry within one business day.

You're a highly experienced
investor seeking private
at competitive rates.

Exclusive access at premium prices
Access private funds such as those at Blackstone and Goldman Sachs
without paying a percentage of assets under management. We charge
one flat annual fee. Period.

Customize your investments to perfection
Use any combination of our curated model portfolios to meet all of your
investment needs. Tailor your options further by adding or removing asset
classes, or build your own model with our powerful investment tools.

Manage accounts over multiple custodians
Easily trade securities and manage all your accounts across multiple
custodians all in one place with our platform's high end dashboard.

You're a longtime investor
in need of elite service and
a personal touch.

Consult as needed with our financial advisors
Get personalized advice and extensive portfolio assessment to ensure
that you are making the most out of your investments. Our advisors will
even create a model portfolio specifically tailored to suit your needs.

Rest easy using our portfolio management services
Our advisors will monitor your investments and rebalance your portfolio
whenever necessary, so your investments remain healthy and growing,
without the hassle of managing them yourself.

Enjoy unfettered access to private investment options
Why choose between investing your money in private real estate or private
equity when you can take advantage of all private options?

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